If you find yourself tabbing between programs, frequently switching windows and constantly using the arrow keys to scroll across a Web page, then it may be time to invest in a 34-inch monitor. The extra screen real estate can eliminate the need to constantly use keyboard shortcuts and allows you to see more information without scrolling. In addition, the larger screen enables you to view windows and programs side by side. You can connect an external monitor to your device, such as a laptop or desktop, with the appropriate connection ports and cables. For example, If a laptop and a monitor both have HDMI ports, you can use an HDMI cable to connect the two devices.

The LG Electronics UM65 34-inch monitor features an UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio that provides extra real estate that you can use to satisfy your multitasking needs. This monitor’s 4-Screen Split feature can divide the screen into four separate windows with one click, which allows users the ability to view four windows simultaneously. In addition, the monitor is Mac and PC compatible, has a 2560 by 1080 resolution that offers a crisp viewing experience and provides a dual-link feature that can display on-screen content from two different inputs.

If you are a gamer, you need a larger screen to truly immerse yourself in each game. The 34-inch Class UltraWide IPS Gaming Monitor has a 2560 by 1080 resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. The monitor features three gamer modes for dedicated gameplay, which includes a standard gamer mode and two first-person shooter modes. In addition, the monitor has an anti-glare coating and HDMI ports for easy connectivity.

With a curved panel, a height-adjustable stand with tilt functionality and an UltraWide 21:9 aspect ratio, the Samsung Curved Screen LED Monitor is an example of a great 34-inch monitor. In features a high-definition 3440 by 1440 resolution screen and split screen multi-source viewing. Unlike other monitors in its class, it also has a built-in 4-port USB hub, which you can use to connect your peripherals.

A 34-inch monitor can be an indispensable addition to your list of devices because of its ability to reduce your eyestrain, increase your productivity and enhance your consumption of entertainment media.