Since being created in the 1920s, garage door openers have become a common device in many homes and properties. They have evolved rapidly, and the issue of security has been solved through the use of rolling code technologies. Today, most systems use secure frequencies and rolling code.

One of the most secure frequencies is 310MHz and this is put to use for wireless keypads that integrate with electronic door openers or remotes. When you are in the market for a 310 MHz garage door keypad, you need to determine whether it is compatible with the actual opener installed in the building.

As an example, Direct Drive 4078V001 is a 310 MHz garage door keypad for Direct Drive Garage Door openers. You don’t have to use a remote, and can opt to enter the code directly into the keypad. A fob can be connected and used inside of your vehicles.

LINEAR also makes their Garage Door Openers DTKP Wireless Keyless Entry 310 MHz garage door keypad. A LINEAR transmitter must be installed to communicate between the opener and the keypad, but it is entirely secure with customized codes.

Stanley makes their Garage Door Opener DC5202 Compatible Wireless Keyless Entry. This works with any Stanley ten dip switch 310 MHz garage door openers. You install and match the coding using the simple instructions, and you can begin to open the garage door by coding in.

DigiCode also makes their Wireless Fully-Programmable Keypad that operates with the Stanley models too. Taking less than 30 minutes to install and program, it is a weatherproof opener that allows you access via the simple key code entry method.

Don’t struggle with fobs or lost remotes when you can use a 310 MHz garage door keypad that interacts with the door opener. Remain safe and secure thanks to the rolling code, and yet never get locked out again.