Portable power is a must in our technologically advanced lifestyle and a 300 watt AC adapter ensures you have energy when you need it. People are choosing more devices such as laptops, cell phones, portable DVD players and iPad devices that need a power outlet to recharge. With a 300watt AC adapter you’ll be prepared the next time you find yourself needing lights on, batteries charged and electronic devices that need a power up.

When selecting a power inverter, look for one designed for use in your vehicle or with DC12V sockets. A quality portable power charger should provide 300 watts of continuous DC to AC power and have options for multiple charging ports. Flexibility is important when choosing an ac adapter and the 300watt AC adapter has you covered. Chargers for 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports are standard, and allow for charging your Android devices, iPhone, TV and other electronic devices at the same time.

For delivering 700 watts of instantaneous power, look for a power charger that offers a compact design and is lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Features such as built-in cooling fan, overload protection, low battery shut-down and short circuit protection make products like the BESTEK 300W Power Inverter the preferred multi-tasking device for powering up on the go.

Additional features like an 18-month warranty and green for operation, red for shutdown, light indicators ensure lasting ease of use. Please note you will require a different type of adapter for use in airplanes or for charging high wattage items such as hair dryers. When you frequently travel with multiple electronic communications devices, instead of carrying several different power cords for your electronic devices, why not make your life easier with a flexible 300watt AC adapter that meets your mobile communication device’s power up needs?