Your home should be many things—relaxing, beautiful, comfortable. It is the place your family builds a life around, and nothing is as important as protecting this precious environment and the people inside. Installing a wireless gate opener that requires a 4-digit code to enter your home is a great security measure.

Protect your gated community or apartment complex with a required entry code. Use on your own home garage door instead of carrying a key, or as backup in case you find yourself locked out. Additionally, you can give out a code instead of a spare key to house sitters while you’re on vacation. A high-powered 300MHz wireless keypad provides convenience as well as protection.

Standard features for 300MHz wireless keypads for a gate include backlit keys, weather proofing, and long lasting batteries. Brands like Dolphin offer the ability to store multiple individual codes in a single unit for a community or apartment building. FAS takes that one step farther by allowing single-use guest codes that you can give to maintenance or delivery personnel without having to reprogram a code. Show your available rental without being present with a temporary code. Brands like MultiCode offer units with metal casing built around the keypad for extra weather proofing.

Many 300MHz wireless keypads for a gate include a hardwired option for versatility. Other features include models with a “party mode” that will hold the gate open for guests, and a “lockout mode” that shuts the gate until reactivated. Many units also include an error lockout that prevents the gate from being opened after a predetermined number of incorrect codes are entered.

Whether you own rentals or are simply concerned for your family’s wellbeing, a wireless gate opener will ease your mind. Invite in who you want with a simple reprogrammable code, and never worry about thieves or vandals. It is a simple matter to find the right 300MHz wireless keypad for your needs.