There are very few electronics these days that are not dependent on Wi-Fi of some sort, and keeping these Internet-hogs happy can be a challenge, especially if you have a large house or are a multi-device family. One of the best solutions to low Wi-Fi signal or a signal that won’t cover your entire home (and hopefully the back yard) is to add a wireless bridge to your home networking setup. A Wi-Fi bridge works to extend the signal that is already generated within your home some distance away without the worry of needing to string long cables or Wi-Fi adapters for each electronic device in your home.

Netgear is one of the premier names in home networking, and brings a IEEE 802.11N 300 mbps Wi-Fi Bridge (Rj. 45) that provides additional Wi-Fi points for a number of devices in your household. Need to connect printers, smart TVs or game consoles along with your tablets and phones? This helpful extender will make sure you’ve got access to the networking power that you need at home.

StarTech’s outdoor 300 mbps Wi-Fi Bridge (Rj-45) gives you the maximum outdoor range from any wireless router extender – up to 6.2 miles – which is nearly unheard-of in boosters of this ilk. Running on either 802.11A or N, this Wi-Fi bridge really delivers the goods in terms of advanced connectivity at a mid-range price.

Looking for something a little different? The Wasp Technologies UAP-L IEEE 802.11N 300 mbps Wi-Fi bridge (Rj. 45) comes in a three-pack and has a cool circular design that can be either ceiling or wall mounted and is ruggedized for use in a variety of different locations. The open range is only 600 feet, but that provides plenty of range for small industrial or business applications.

Keep your Wi-Fi devices happy with high-speed Internet access that’s available no matter their distance from the hub.