Increasingly, our lives depend on staying connected to the Internet, even at home. But miles of unsightly cords and adapters only get in the way or get damaged and tangled. With many of your electronic devices requiring Internet for optimal use, a 300mbps 5-port ethernet switch is the perfect addition to your home network.

Data streaming, downloading, and uploading are done in mere seconds with 300mbps. At that speed, you can download movies in under a minute or stream music without interruption. Choosing a 5-port ethernet switch with both Client Bridge and Access Point modes in one device means you can arrange your wired and wireless devices however is best for your own needs.

Having five ports on one device allows you to connect more of your devices. From Internet-enabled phones from companies like Vonage, to Wi-Fi radios and gaming consoles, it’s more than just your computer that will benefit from the high speed ethernet switch. Keep all your device cords in one place to cut down on clutter.

Many ethernet switches offer other features as well. Choose a switch with an included mounting system to hang on the wall or under a desk, or choose a desktop style to keep your device easily accesible. Many switches work without an internal fan for a quieter, more energy efficient experience. Brands such as Netgear offer built-in parental controls, guest Wi-Fi access, and the ability to monitor your broadband usage. Some also include a cable test capability, which diagnoses problems with your ethernet cables to ensure your connection is as optimal as it can be.

Staying connected is important. Many of your electronic devices could not function properly without an Internet connection. Using a single high-speed device, such as a 300mbps 5-port ethernet switch, simplifies and streamlines your home network, allowing you to focus on life.