You have more important things to focus on than keeping your data secured and backed up. Using a device like a 300gb Western Digital external hard drive takes away any worries you have about losing your pictures, videos, music, or art. It also offers a wide variety of additional features to protect and enhance your data.

Western Digital features a line of external hard drives called My Passport Studio, which come in a small metal case for extra protection. Never worry about drops or accidental Starbucks spills with your data secure inside. In addition to built-in encryption, you can set a password to protect all your files. They have more than enough storage for all your needs.

For Mac users, the 300gb Western Digital external hard drive in the My Passport Studio line syncs with Apple Time Machine to provide an additional back up. The hard drive is configured to connect to any Macbook or Macbook Air immediately, and only requires a USB cord to charge. Incredibly fast FireWire ports mean you never have to wait to access your files.

For Windows users, Western Digital offers external hard drives with features such as syncing ability, Dropbox cloud service, hardware encryption, and brightly colored casings to appeal to all users. No matter what software you use, there is a 300gb Western Digital external hard drive for everyone. Your files are safe and always backed up in case of emergency.

Keeping up with your busy schedule is important. Losing your important data or being a victim of identity theft can throw your entire life off track. Using an external hard drive as backup, or as a measure of security, is a simple way to avoid these common problems. Carry all your work or school files with you for convenient access, and make sure that your holiday memories with family are always safe and sound.