Your photos, music, and files are precious. Years of memories, hundreds of dollars, and thousands of hours of work are represented by those zeros and ones. You know you should backup your data, and a 300gb WD external hard drive is a great option to protect your information.

There is no need to install a WD external hard drive. Simply plug in the device to any USB port, and it is ready to store your data. 300gb is more than enough to store all of your holiday photos or important work documents. That much space could hold over 400 high definition movies, to put it in perspective.

WD external hard drives are perfectly portable. They require only a USB cord for power, and typically weigh less than 5 ounces. Their small size means they will fit in a purse or pocket with ease. Some models come in bright colors to appeal to any user. Most models boast very fast data transfer rates, making them the perfect tool to carry for a complete backup of your digital life.

For Windows users, the 300gb WD external hard drive will also encrypt your files for security. It will also sync to your Windows files, allowing you to make changes to work documents from home or vice versa. One unique feature for Windows users is the included Google software that makes your drive easily searchable. The WD external hard drive does still work with Mac computers, although it does not offer these extra features.

Storing and protecting your data is simple with a WD external hard drive. Simply carry your file back ups with you, or keep an extra hard drive in a secure place. The added encryption feature means you will never have to worry about identity theft or sensitive documents being read. Windows users will find a variety of extra features that make their experience even better.