Thanks to movies like “300” and “The 300 Spartans,” the Battle of Thermopylae is one of the most well-known conflicts of the 5th century. In short, this battle featured 300 Spartans, among others, fighting back almost the entirety of the Persian army. While both movies based on this battle took liberties with how it turned out, they are both entertaining and worth the time of any action fan. Amazon Video, Amazon’s streaming movie service, has both “300” and “The 300 Spartans” available.

In 1998, legendary comic book scribe Frank Miller released “300,” a comic book adaptation of the Battle of Thermopylae. The book, whose art style closely resembled Miller’s previous work “Sin City,” was released to critical acclaim despite not being historically accurate. In 2007, Frank Miller served as executive producer on “300,” a film adaptation that closely resembles his comic book in both style and plot. Starring Gerald Butler, Lena Headey and directed by Zack Synder, “300” was a visual tour de force, captivating audiences everywhere. For many viewers, the most memorable aspect of the film is the famous line “This. Is. Sparta!” which went on to spawn various Internet memes.

You’ll find the full version of “300” available for streaming on Amazon video in both standard definition and high-definition versions. If you can, opt for the high-definition version of “300,” as the enhanced visual quality makes a world of difference for a film that relies so heavily on cinematography.

If you’re looking for a slightly more accurate take on the Battle of Thermopylae, the 1961 release “The 300 Spartans” is a great alternative. Starring Richard Egan and Ralph Richardson, this movie is a bit slower-paced than “300” and features less action, but you’ll find the plot to be just as engaging. Due to the age of the film, streaming it in high-definition on Amazon Video won’t have quite as much impact as a newer film like “300,” so if you’re strapped for cash opt for the standard definition version of the film.

Thanks to Amazon’s low prices on streaming movies like “300,” don’t be surprised when you find yourself kicking other retailers off a cliff while shouting “This. Is. Amazon!”