Have you upgraded to an iPhone 6 but are not completely ready to say goodbye to all of the music and data stored on your old iPhone? Then you should probably check out the 30 pin to 8 pin adapter converter dock which allows you to easily transfer information from your old iPhone model to your new one and vice-versa. The best adapter converter docks are compatible with all of the latest iPhone and iPad generations and will never cause external or internal damage to the gadget while playing music. In fact, most of these adapter converter docks can play music and charge your phone simultaneously. They fit inside your pocket, making them extremely easy to transport.

Shoreline Solutions Lightning Converter Connector is every music lover’s dream come true. You no longer have to transfer all of the media files from your old iPhone to enjoy them when you get a new one. Simply attach this 30 pin to 8 pin adapter converter dock and play your favorite music. This dock is compatible with iPad Air, iPad Mini and the iPod 7th Gen as well. As with most brands, Apple also manufactures its own adapter converter dock. The Apple iPhone and iPod 30 Pin to 8 Pin adaptor lets you connect your device with a wide range of 30 pin accessories in ultra-compact cases.

The CELL-TECH lightning Adapter Converter speaker is a 30 pin to 8 pin adapter converter dock for all new generation Apple products. While it supports all audio formats, video output is not supported by this CELL-TECH product. This high quality adapter converter dock can be charged with any cell phone charger that has a 30 pin USB tip.

With the newest 30 pin adapter converter docks, you can experience next gen technology without saying goodbye to your old devices.