When you are a tinkerer you need to have a ready supply for all the components of what you want to build. Some things can be challenging to find at your neighborhood shopping outlets, but thankfully you can almost always find them at online retailers. One prime example is a 30 mW laser module. This product is useful for a number of things, but can be tricky to find locally in many cases.

Laserlands offers the 532nm 30mW-50mW Green Laser Dot Module Diode + Adapter + Heatsink 2 Hours. Their modules are tested and the output power measured by a laser power meter to ensure you get the quality you need for your project. It includes everything you need including a stand and power adapter. Laserlands offers plenty of other 30 mW laser module options as well.

For a red laser line, the Quarton Laser Module VLM-635-27 LPT-10 will do nicely. It has a high accuracy red straight line laser for high-precision leveling, alignment, adjusting, positioning, measuring and targeting purposes. It has a 635nm wave length. You’ll love the patented solid brass structure for shock resistance and better heat transfer consideration.

Another company to turn to for this type of product is Lilly Electronics. Options include their 532nM 30mW Laser Dot Module, their 3-5VDC Green Laser Dot Diode Module and their Adjusted Red Diode 650nm 30mW Focusable Laser Cross Module, just to name a few. As with other companies, they also have other power levels to choose from in addition to the 30 mW laser module power level.  

Save yourself the hassle of running from store to store trying to find the right laser for your needs. With online retailers you will find what you want easily and usually at a great price. Now that you know where to get them easily, all you have to do is come up with a few more excuses to get a few.