These days, you’ve got tons of electronic devices that need charging. That can lead to a big tangle of cords and a serious lack of outlets. You don’t have to pick and choose between your devices. A simple 3 multi plug with USB ports will get all your gadgets charged up using only a single wall outlet. There are many different styles to choose from so you can fit your space exactly.

The Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger has two USB ports and three outlets. This charger also acts as a surge protector, to keep all your devices safe. The small size and ability to be used in either a horizontal or vertical position makes this charger great for traveling or using at your desk at work. Keep it in your computer bag so that you are never without an outlet in a meeting.

Firstbuy’s Surge Protector Mini Power Strip is a 3 multi plug with USB ports that gives you a little more reach when the outlet is in an inconvenient place. You can charge up to three USB devices on this power strip, and the on/off switch lets you easily cut the power to all devices at once to save energy and time. The six foot power cord will give you just enough room to use your device while it’s charging without having to stretch.

The Wall Mount Power Surge Protector Charging Station by Unigear is a good solution if you want something more permanent. This charging station plugs into your outlet directly against the wall, so you can simply plug in your three AC and two USB devices without dealing with another cord. This station also gives off a small light which can act as a night light.

Keep all your devices charged up and ready to go with any of these chargers. It’s easy to keep your cords organized when you aren’t fighting for a single outlet.