You accidentally lost your iPhone 5 phone charger, and now you’re browsing online wondering which charger to commit to. Of course, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out which chargers are legit and which ones risk burning out your phone’s battery. It turns out that not all phone chargers are created equal, though they may all look quite similar. So if you’re just itching to get your hands on a new 3 meter iPhone 5 charger, perhaps because you left your old one at a hotel 500 miles away, here is our guide.

If you’re wondering why it takes about 8 hours to charge your phone when before it only took 3, that is because phone chargers actually vary in power capacity, measured by current (in milliamps) and voltage (in volts). Without getting too technical, simply put is that some chargers have faster electricity speeds than others. For larger devices like tablets and laptops, their chargers are essentially designed to deliver power at a faster and larger capacity than phone chargers.

Also, look for standard accreditation logos that certify a phone charger to be legitimate and reliable. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to wind up with a 3-meter iPhone 5 charger that isn’t up to par. However, some logos can be faked just so manufacturers can introduce substandard chargers into the market. This is where you refer to user product reviews to some practical know-how about the chargers you will eventually purchase. Our suggestion, try the Amazon Basics Apple Certified Lighting to USB Cable in White or the Luxtr Apple Certified Lighting Cable. Both have USB adapters which make them convenient for travel and file transfers, perfect for on-the-go professionals or outdoor backpackers. Now isn’t that just convenient?

We assure you won’t have regrets when you click that shopping cart!