When it comes to baking, wooden spoons and spatulas count among the baker’s most important tools in the kitchen. Along with the standard wooden spoon set, there are some specialized spoon sets. This includes the 3-inch wooden spoon set that you’d use with desserts. If you’re trying to set up the perfect’s baker’s kitchen, read the following information to get a better idea of the kinds of spoons available.

The standard wooden spoon kitchen set consists of spatulas, slotted spoons, pancake turners, and the regular wooden spoon. These spoons are usually made of bamboo or birch. If you’re more familiar with companies/ brands, Smart Cook, Joyce Chen, and Chef Craft. These companies offer solid products for the home cook.

Additionally, some wooden spoon sets also feature other important kitchen items in the package of wooden spoons. If you’re looking for a wooden spoon set as a gift, look for one that add items like a cutting board or knives. This is a very handy gift for the baker in your life.

For the person who uses more of one kind of wooden spoon than the other, it’s possible to find wooden spoon sets that feature more of one kind of spoon. For example, if you use a lot of slotted spoons during your cooking endeavors, get a set that features this kind of spoon only and in multiples.

And don’t forget that there are also smaller 3-inch wooden spoon sets. Usually, these are some kind of dessert set. Some are even disposable. You’d use this type of wooden spoon set when you’re having an event like an ice cream social or a cupcake party with your kids.

However, not all 3-inch wooden spoon sets are for serving dessert. Some are measuring spoons of various sizes. The most prepared cook has at least two sets, one for dry measuring and one for wet measuring.

When you’re setting up your kitchen, be sure to get a number of different kinds of wooden spoon sets, including some 3-inch wooden spoon sets. Shop with us when you’re hunting for a gift for your favorite home chef or when you need to replace one of the wooden spoons in your own drawers.