Eimac 3-500z tubes are a type of compact power triode that is meant to be used as a Class AB2 amplifier with zero bias in several radio and other audio applications. This is especially important for those who enjoy working on ham radios as a hobby. Getting 3-500z tubes can be a way to remove bias in your frequency. You can find these along with other ham radio parts for sale online.

One option is the Cary 2 Piece 5 Inch Ceramic Base Vacuum Tube Socket from Cary Electronics. This is a new product that comes in a pair rather than individually, and they’re designed to be used with 3-500Z tubes and similar 5-pin tubes. It is made and tested to withstand more than 200 uses, making it a quality, long-lasting item.

Cary Electronics also offers the Cary 1 Piece Gilded 5 Pin Ceramic Vacuum Tube Gold Valve Base Socket. Similar to its counterpart, this is designed to work for over 200 uses and is made for 5-pin tubes like the 3-500z. However, you’ll only get a single one with your purchase, so be sure to change the quantity if you need more.

If you need additional tools for your audio or radio projects, be sure to check out the Permatex Ultra Copper Maximum Temperature Silicone Gasker Maker, available in a 3-ounce tube either alone or in a pack of 12. Armed with “Heathkit – A Guide to the Amateur Radio Products” by author Chuck Penson, you’ll have no trouble setting up your own hobbyist ham radio and keep all of the pieces together. Best of all, the silicone gasket maker can withstand temperatures between -75 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you’re in the market for 3-500z tubes or anything else related to ham radio technology and the hobby, be sure to check reviews and do full research on the parts you wish to get. While these tubes can be a great choice for removing interference for the frequency you wish to air on, the parts will only be as good as the manufacturer producing them. Be sure to do your homework!