When someone mentions the 2xx Plantronics series of Bluetooth headsets, they could be referring to a wide array of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets. They could mean the Marque 2 M165 or even the M50 model. While the majority of these headsets are out of production, you can still find a variety of accessories for them online, such as protective cases, extra ear hooks and even charging cables. Many of these accessories are designed to fit multiple models of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, but make sure to verify that your specific Plantronics headset is compatible before purchasing.

The Short Small Micro USB Charge Charging Cable by PL is a great replacement charging cable. Simply plug one end into your computer’s USB slot and the other end into your Plantronics Bluetooth headset. This cable will have your headset fully charged in under an hour! This cable not only works on the M165 but also the M50 and M24 devices as well. However, the device has two drawbacks: the short length of the cable and that it requires a USB slot to function. If you’re travelling to an area where you don’t anticipate there being any USB slots, the OEM Micro USB Home Wall Travel Charger Power Adapter is a great alternative. This charger plugs into any wall socket and the cord has a length extending over three feet.

Protecting your Plantronics Bluetooth headset when not in use is extremely important, and the Red Case for Plantronics Headsets by PL is a great choice. It’s crush-resistant and shock-proof, meaning nothing will harm your headset while it’s in this case. If something does manage to happen to your ear hooks, the 3pcs New Black Earhook by PL is a great set of replacement ear hooks.

While the 2xx Plantronics designation is broad and can refer to a wide assortment of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, it’s likely that at least one of these accessories will work with your particular headset. Not only are these accessories compatible with older Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, many of them are compatible with newer headsets as well, meaning you won’t have to purchase new accessories when you upgrade your device.