One of the most amazing advances in technology is the ability to share media via social interactive web apps. YouTube, Facebook, and more allow us to instantly upload videos to share with our friends and the world. Some of the most funny, frightening, or amazing things have been captured with digital cameras and have been shared for everyone to enjoy. With videos going viral, the quality of digital video is increasing tremendously. 

Back in the day, very few people used a dash cam and Go Pros weren’t invented. Now the desire to be able to record whatever you’re doing is in full force, and people are looking for options to be able to record themselves on the go with high quality video recording. One of the best options for 2K cameras is the WiMiUS® A1 NEWEST Ambarella A7LS75 Waterproof Sports Camera 2K 1080P 60FPS Action Camera with Built-in WiFi and HDMI HD Output (Silver) by WiMiUs. Fully functioning, this camera has it all. Built in wifi, multi recording functions, and waterproof up to 60 meters are just a few of this amazing camera’s options. Wherever you are this camera can record your moments in high quality picture. 

If mobility isn’t what you’re looking for the Vantrue OnDash R2 2K Ultra HD 2.7-Inch LCD Dashboard Camera offers high quality picture in a 2K camera. Mountable on the dash this camera can record seamlessly on your trips to capture whatever you may come across out on the road. Use for scenery videos or to capture four wheeling trails this camera has auto recording as soon as it is powered and a sensor to detect impact so everything your vehicle goes through is recorded. 

Make sure your memories are captured with a 2K camera for on the go or as a dash cam for your vehicle. Recording professional quality video is at your fingertips to make your recordings shine.