Like it’s predecessors, the 2DS makes heavy use of the included stylus. The stylus is not only used for navigating the menus of the system but also for in-game interactions as well. While you can use your finger instead of the stylus if you misplace it, this is not recommended — not only as the stylus safer on the system’s screen, but more accurate as well. Luckily, there are a number of Amazon sellers that offer a replacement 2DS stylus.

If you want to make sure you have back-ups on hand in case you misplace your 2DS stylus again, the ZedLabz set of five 2DS stylus pens is an excellent choice. Each stylus is close in style to the stylus that shipped with the 2DS and they function in the exact same manner. However, just be careful when inserting the replacement stylus into your 2DS, as some customers have mentioned that these styluses are a tighter fit into the 2DS than the original.

If you’re looking for a replacement 2DS stylus with a bit of flair, you will want to check out the Collective Minds 8 Pack Metal Stylus Set. These styluses come in a variety of colors, such as red, blue and green, and are more visually appealing than the standard black stylus. In addition, these styluses are universal, meaning they will not only work on the 2DS but the 3DS and New 3DS as well. They feature a slightly different design than the official 2DS stylus, which Collective Minds states makes their 2DS stylus products more comfortable than the original.

The Starter Bundle Accessory Kit with Case and Stylus Pens for Nintendo 2DS by Tomee not only includes three extra 2DS styluses but also includes additional items such as a screen protector, car charger and carrying pouch. This accessory kit is everything you need to keep your 2DS safe.

With the small stature of the 2DS stylus, it’s a given that it will eventually get misplaced. Thanks to Amazon’s wide array of 2DS stylus replacements you don’t have to be out of the game for long!