Mousepads were invented to offer comfort, speed and accuracy to its users. If you have stopped using one because you find a standard sized restricting, you’re not alone. But, do you know that a reliable mousepad can make you more efficient? Say goodbye to your makeshift pad with a new 27 inch mouse pad to serve your needs.

Have you ever had a mousepad whose edges fray up after prolonged use? Not this one. LuckyDog123 offers a mousepad with sealed edges made especially for gaming purposes and office use. It is made of natural rubber which makes it durable, absorbent, and easy to clean. It measures 27.5 by 13.7 by 0.12 inches and has a surface that has a silky texture. This pad is available in a wide array of designs that you can choose from.

Senhai offers the AULA offers a professional gaming mousepad that can accommodate both your keyboard and mouse. It measures 27.6 by 12 by 0.12 inches and features a non-slip rubber base so it stays firmly in place, and an anti-fraying stitched frame so the edges don’t turn up with constant friction. It has a smooth fabric surface that allows your mouse to glide easily and is machine washable too.

The SEG Direct Mousepad is an extra large pad that measures 27.5 by 15.7 by 0.13 inches that can easily accommodate your keyboard and mouse. This easy to clean mousepad has a non-slip rubber base and smooth cloth based surface that is made especially for gamers. It is optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors to let you win your game. This product is available in a number of designs that include Kindred, Firecracker Jinx, Omega Squad Teemo, and more.

If you are looking for a 27 inch mouse pad that offers good cushioning, is easy to clean, and responsive with the mouse, a variety of products are available on the market at your beck and call.