Commuters and frequent drivers can make use of their time on the road by charging up their important devices, such as smartphones and tablets. A 24V marine USB socket will take care of your mobile charging needs.

The Cool LED Light Car MotoBike Boat 2,1A Dual USB Power Supply Charger Adapter Plug works with a number of phone types, including the iPhone, Samsung products, HTC products, and Sony products. The universal fit will plug into corresponding car, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and so on. The purchase includes a cover which will protect the USB interface against dust and water. It’s made of ABS plastic and shines blue to indicate charging is taking place. With a rapid charge speed, this Adapter Plug will come in handy in a time squeeze.

E-Bro’s Waterproof LED Dual USB Charger Adapter Socket 12-24V has a cover and LED light. It features two USB outlets, in case you have multiple devices. The simple design makes it easy to use, and it’s waterproof in case you’re hitting the ocean for your journey.

The ZJchao Dual USB Charger Socket has a waterproof design and interestingly features a DC voltmeter. This highly effective voltmeter is a means of measuring the state of your battery and battery charger. If your battery is unable to hold a charge properly, you will be alerted. Like E-Bro’s charger adapter, this product also features two ports for multiple devices. The charger works great for iPhones, iPads, GPS systems, PSPs, smartphones, and other popular electronics.

BANDC markets a dual two USB port socket charger adapter for cars, boats, and minivans. Its built to be used on the interior and exterior. If you need to fit it to thin aluminum or hardened wood, you can do thanks to the unit’s threads.

Headed for the road? Hitting the seas for a boat ride or a cruise? Consider a waterproof USB option. Look into 24V marine USB sockets to fit your electronic needs.