Music may be more digital than ever, but most people still have hundreds of CDs and DVDs stored at their house or in their car. Keeping them portable and ensuring that you can always find the right tunes or video can be challenging – especially if you’ve been storing your CDs and DVDs in their original packaging. Original jewel cases take up a great deal of space and finding just the one you want when you have them squirreled away all over the house can really be a pain.

What if you could put two dozen CDs or DVDs at your fingertips no matter where you were? Toss all those old cases and just keep the content on the discs. You will stay more organized, taking up less space and overall just be happier with life when you go with a simplified solution like a 24 CD binder in white. Not a soft-sided, cheap folder that would allow your precious discs to be crushed or damaged – these hard-sided 24 cd binders in white keep your digital content safe.

Blair Packaging has a CD/DVD binder album with lined pages, suitable for storing all your collections. The vinyl album contains two-sided top loading pages, and a full outer sleeve that you can use to display graphics. 24 full pages of space allow you to store a number of discs safely without the chance of scratching and transfer of graphics.

Square Deal Recordings & Supplies has a 24 CD binder in white that is more like a wallet book for storage of your important discs – and is very cost effective for the quality that you receive. A number of removable/insertable two-disc sleeves on the inside and a full, clear wrap-around sleeve on the outside for case artwork lets you aggregate your disc collection with style.

Ditch the space-eating jewel cases and keep your digital content organized with a 24 CD binder in white – ready and waiting for you to add your custom artwork to the cover.