A quality 24 28awg micro USB cable is something you need to make a connection between your pc and peripherals. When it comes to USB options, there are so many that you will have to take some time to browse the various cable offerings online. Keep in mind that you want a 24 28awg micro USB option that is durable, long-lasting, and well-made.

The USB features A and B connectors. The A connector goes into a port in your computer and streams information in the direction of the PC while the B connector will stream information into the peripheral device it is connected to via a port. The 24 28awg micro USB is similar to its larger USB interface predecessor. With the 24 28awg micro USB you can plug into a device and connect it to your computer. The wire has one connector that looks like what you would find on a normal USB port and the other connector is much smaller.

Monoprice makes a 24 28awg micro USB that is compatible with tablets as well as smartphone devices as it features the universal micro B connector. The USB A plug is the connector that gets plugged into a computer port. With the 24 28awg micro USB, you get a cable that relies on 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG) for its power and 28 AWG for the transmission of data. The wire itself is made with a material that helps protect the data from interference. As an alternative to the Monoprice cable, you can try the 3.0 male to micro b male cable by Superspeed. The latter cable is sold by Bargain Cable. It is blue and three feet in length, with the ability to transfer info at a rate of 4.8Gbps.
When getting a wire, make sure it is a good length so that you can tether your device with ease to whatever port you plan on accessing. You will have little trouble finding the right micro USB wire for you, as there are so many to choose from online. Start shopping now to review your options.