The recent advances in modern technology have equipped so many people in every country with smart phones and other electronic devices they are hard to count. The variety and abundance of devices is downright shocking, and guarantees that the essential commodity of the cell phone charger and usb cable would be in high demand. Fortunately, it is as easy to shop for 24 28 micro usb charger items as it now is to own a phone. Available on the internet, any phone with internet capacity can be the hub for purchasing the right usb charger cable.

From Hi Mobiler to Ugreen prodcts, 24 28 micro usb charger cables are easily available. The Hi-mobile Black High Speed USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B cable has gold-plated connectors and fits the Samsung LGHTC smartphone as well as tablet. Reviewers give it 4.5 stars and comment that it really improves charging speeds, allowing for uninterrupted cellphone use. Their customer service gets good commentary from your fellow consumers, who rave that they follow up even with small orders to make sure the cable met the customer’s needs.

The Monoprice 1.5-Feet 28 AWC USB 2.0 A Male to 5-pin Micro-B Male cable is said by owners to be the perfect length for unique uses, such as charging their phone under the dashboard. This points out an interesting fact. With all the power and versatility of this breakthrough technology, item-supplied cables may very well fail to meet consumer needs they find out about after they get the item in question. That is why it is so valuable to them that cables of so many various lengths and descriptions can be obtained on line.

The beauty of the 24 28 micro usb charger cable is that it enhances charging performance when connected to a low-amperage charger. A cell phone that with a product-incorporated charger cable might take as long as an hour to charge, where a cable with 24 28 guage can reduce that time to as little as twenty minutes. Considering the price, they are a sound investment.