With innovations in technology come innovations in accessories. One of the most exciting new accessories to be released in the last decade is the smart watch. These watches can do just about anything that your smartphone or favorite device can do. Now you can have your email, the news and weather, and even a camera and remote control all safely secured around your wrist.

Samsung has recently released their Gear 2 smart watch, which came as a surprise to many people because it was released shortly after the first model, but they had a lot of new features and upgrades to pack into the new one. One of the most exciting features is also a simple one. The Gear 2 allows users to change the band of the watch to any color they wish. A popular band for this purpose is the 22mm black band Gear 2 design.

In addition to the 22mm black band Gear 2 watch strap, you can find straps available in many colors and designs. This makes the watch more appealing to a wider variety of customers. These straps compliment men and women and look great with a range of different styles.

The Samsung Gear 2 is equipped with the Tizen operating system which is a step up from the Android system installed in the first version. The new watch also comes with an infrared blaster which allows you to use it as a remote control as well as smart watch. The Gear 2 is also compatible with 18 different Samsung devices, meaning that just about any Samsung user can enjoy this new device.

This is a great smart watch for people who are looking for a more refined design with interchangeable straps. With the 22mm black band Gear 2 design, you can wear this watch with just about anything and look great while you carry the world with you around your wrist.