People who travel know that all countries have things about them that are a bit different. For example, the voltage used in the United States is different than many other countries. That’s why smart travelers carry a 220V 240V to 110V 120V volt voltage transformer with them. This type of adapter can help your American products work overseas.

A 220V 240V to 110V 120V volt voltage transformer is similar in size to a USB phone charger but instead of just powering up your phone this device lets you use a variety of United States appliances overseas wherever there is a socket handy. Just plug in a device like the International Voltage Converter by Trisonic and the plug converter allows you to power up tour hair dryers, curlers, coffee makers, toasters and many other appliances without having to purchase an international replacement during your trip. This device is model TS-5160R.

Simran offers the 1875 Watts International Travel Voltage Converter. Model SM-1875 is sold by VCT Electronics and has two round prongs common to most Asian and European countries. It is a step down dual wattage converter and is great for powering hair dryers, iPods, and cell phones and is also camera fuse protected. It is not recommended for use with power tools, televisions or computers.

A third choice is the BESTEK model available in black and white. The Portable International Travel Voltage Converter has worldwide compatibility with four USB charging ports compatible with Android and Apple devices. This item includes a five foot detachable power cable and also works with plugs.

Whether you choose the simple plug in option from Trisonic or Simran or go for the more versatile BESTEK device, these 220V 240V to 110V 120V volt voltage transformer options allow you to use your own devices without having to get replacements when travelling abroad.