By now you’ve likely learned that you should be using a surge protector for all of your important electronic devices, particularly with your desktop PC. A 220 volts power surge may damage your appliances. But why exactly is this so important? A power surge is, essentially, an unexpected spike in the electrical current going through each section of your home’s wiring system.

Generally, a power surge is a very brief occurrence – it’s likely you won’t even notice it – but this jump in electrical current can have a damaging affect on your equipment. A surge protector can limit the electrical current to a device by blocking voltages above a certain level. This means that even if you have a 220 volts power surge, your equipment will be safe in most cases.

VCT makes a high quality 220V/2450V universal surge protector strip. This strip has 6 universal outlets and a maximum capacity of 4000 watts. This heavy duty surge protector is capable of accepting plugs from any country, so may be ideal for anyone who travels regularly. The response time for this surge protector – an important factor, considering power surges happen very, very quickly – is one nanosecond.

If you’d like to protect your electronic devices from a power surge, Belkin makes a 3-Outlet Mini Travel Swivel Charger surge protector. This surge protector is not only compact and ideal for travel – after all, power surges can happen while you’re in a hotel or a guest in someone else’s home – it’s also quite handy with its built in USB ports so that you can charge any of your devices as well. The unit has a damage-resistant housing, meaning that it can handle the wear and tear of travel.

A surge protector is a small investment to make to protect your expensive electronics and appliances. The next time the power company makes an error or there’s a lightning storm outside, don’t run the risk of a power surge coming through your home’s electrical system and damaging your things – protect them with a great surge protector.