When you look for car parts today, it seems as though everything is designed to work in a spaceship. Robot voices speaking to you, “smart” functions pinning down your exact location without you knowing, and telling you the best places to go based on interests that you never stated you had. It can be a little scary, to say the least. Some people prefer their electronics less “smart,” just having the necessary function they advertised and not coming with added perks.

And for your 2006 Jeep Liberty car radio, you need to find something to fit your model that only carries out its stated behavior, and you’ll be set. Go for something like the XO Vision Car Stereo Receiver with 20 watts x 4 and USB Port and SD Card Slot. This digital media receiver has great audio output, and a digital FM tuner with 18 presets to give you a selection of choices for preference, but without all the extra bells and whistles. However, you do have the option of playing Mp3s when attaching your own device through the stereo’s USB port or SD slot, to give you access to your favorite music already on your existing player.

Or try out the JVC KDR-330 Single-Din Car Stereo with Dual Aux Inputs/3-Band Equalizer/6 Station Presets. Equipped with a detachable face plate that’s also motorized, the LCD displayed in a single line across the plate gives you all of the readings for your stereo’s functionality. It even offers a remote control, so your passengers can take the reins as you drive, choosing some great tunes while on the road.

Don’t get lost and confused in the din of constant technological flux, and stick with a simple 2006 Jeep Liberty car radio that suits your needs without going overboard.