If you are looking for an auxiliary port or input for your 2005 Honda Accord, then you are looking to add a bit of entertainment to your ride. The aux input will allow you to enjoy the use of your speakers and amplifiers or your music players, mobile devices, laptops, headphones, mp3 players, or even the use of a GPS device. A quick installation of an aux input kit could get you headed in the right direction.

Moonet offers a USB Aux adapter that can serve as a 2005 Honda Accord Aux Input. Along with the jack connection, the unit is easy to install thanks to the plug in and play install option. There’s a CD changer with a direct connect option and the unit has a Honda 2.4 white 6+8 pin connection making it suitable for using with Honda starting from 2003 and up. This unit will not work with XM radio or a navigation system.

iSimple also sells a unit that serves as a 2005 Honda Accord Aux Input. The kit, model number ISHD531, also works for Acura models. This kit takes two distinct auxiliary sources and integrates time into the radio that was installed in the vehicle at the factory. The kit will allow you to use your gaming systems, laptop, GPS, DVD player, and mp3 player, and you do not have to change the factory wiring to install the unit. The iSimple Aux Input Kit comes with a 3.5mm minijack and RCA input.

Meanwhile, APPS2CAR sells an AUX In Adapter for Honda Accords ranging from 2003 to 2011. The kit also works with the Civic and Odyssey models and it will fit the radio from the original equipment manufacturer. You can use your mp3 player, iPhone, and iPod once you install the convenient kit.

When you are in need of a 2005 Honda Accord Aux Input Kit, shopping online reveals several affordable options. You can buy a kit that works with the original equipment and that does not call for extensive rewiring. You can also get a kit that will allow you to expand the type of entertainment you can enjoy in your car. Shopping online now will reveal some incredible deals.