In today’s unsafe world, CCTV cameras serve not only to record what is happening around your home or workplace but also work as a deterrent to potential intruders. When you have a CCTV system in your area, individuals with less than pure intentions are more likely to think many times over before breaking into your property or office. A 2 way audio CCTV camera is even better than just a camera that can capture video.

A 2 way audio CCTV camera allows you to communicate with the person caught on the video. Its built-in audio system will not only let you hear what the person is saying but also gives you the chance to communicate requests or give orders. This kind of audio system is not only used to deter criminals but may also be installed in other areas of your house, such as your child’s room, so you can communicate with your son or daughter even if you are away.

Sundirect offers its HD 720P Wireless WiFi Security Camera. This plug and play device features two-way audio with remote surveillance monitoring and remote live video streaming through your mobile device. It records clearly at night because it is equipped with 12 infrared LEDs. It has pan and tilt functions and can detect motion in real time.

Annke also offers its 1.0 Megapixel 1280 x 720p HD Quality Wireless WiFi Network IP Camera Monitor. It features a built-in speaker and microphone so you will not only see and hear what is going on but will also be able to communicate via the camera. You can also keep an eye on your home or your children no matter where you are because it connects via WiFi. Setup is easy and won’t require the expertise of a video professional.

With a 2 way audio CCTV camera, you will not only capture videos but will also be able to talk with the person captured by your surveillance equipment.