The US Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. In many areas, you also have the right to customize your firearm. Customizable firearms allow you to make your firearm function and look as you want it to. If you are shopping for a 1inch Picatinny rail extension, check out the following tips and products to make your shopping experience more of the success.

First, you should research and be aware of your local laws regarding the ownership and customization of firearms. It is not the seller’s responsibility to know or to inform you of the local laws in your area. You can find out what your laws are by going to your local law enforcement agency or contacting your local arms dealer.

One popular choice for a 1inch Picatinny rail extension is the Yankee Hill machine extension. This extension measures a half of an inch. The Yankee Hill brand is known for its quality products. This rail extension is no exception. It is durable and built to last. The unsupported part of this rail has been constructed with two supporting integral aluminum rails so that is not bent by normal wear and tear on your gun. This affordable rail extension comes in black.

You may also want to consider the TufForce half inch offset AR 15 see through riser mount. This mount offers quick attachment with some thumb nuts and has 14 slots on the top rail. It is hard coated with an anodized finished and constructed with premium aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. It extends the low profile of any Weaver/Picatinny rail.

The Lion Gears 0.75 inch mid profile Picatinny rail bridge mount has 12 slots. It is lightweight and made from aircraft aluminum. This Picatinny rail is durable and affordable. Users report that this rail extension holds its grip even after shooting several hundred rounds. The screw assembly allows the user to get it tight and the rail doesn’t flex.

Purchase your 1inch Picatinny rail extension or another type of rail extension today for your customizable firearm. A rail extension like these will make it more durable and versatile.