You probably know that AR scopes and optics are meant to provide the fastest sighting speeds and to be far more accurate than many other scopes. However, not all scopes and mounts are alike, and you’ll need to choose the right mount to get those premium sighting results.

If you need a 1in AR scope mount, you have a few things to clarify in order to choose the ideal one for your shooting needs. While many gun owners are loyal to specific brands, it is always best to make that a secondary issue when choosing the right 1in AR scope mount.

The TMS AR15 mount is an M4 one piece offset mount. It has accessory rails and a Picatinny Weaver Base. It can be used for a tactical rail mount and has six holes in the mount for keeping the scope in place.

Burris makes the AR-PEPR scope mount. It is a 1in AR scope mount that is ideal for those who wear glasses. The UTG Integral QD offset mount features a two Picatinny slot design and it returns to zero consistently whenever removed and remounted.

For those who dislike the use of scope rings, the TMS AR15 is a flat top one piece ring mount. It mounts flush to a rail and can be tightened using a standard screwdriver or wrench.

Weaver produces the tactical, extra high ring, mount. With six holes, it is a small and sturdy, one inch mount. Miillet also makes a one inch mount for the AR models. It is their one inch to 30mm one piece mount and is described often as a solid and sturdy model.

Your needs and preferences cannot be ignored when you are selecting your AR scope mount. It will have a big impact on accuracy, comfort and outcome. Make sure you take your time to choose the right make and model.