International travel can be a very expensive experience, however you plan to get to your destination. But as important as it is to have constant and reliable communication, international cell phone charges can drive your bill up dramatically. A great alternative to that is to purchase a pre-paid international SIM card that includes minutes and data for emergency use when you’re on the road. Whether it’s a 1GB SIM card solely for data or a card with both talk time and data, this selection has several options that are useful for your trip abroad.

Telcel offers a Prepaid SIM Card for Mexico with 1.5GB of data and a local Mexican mobile number which is perfect for incoming calls. Available for standard LTE, LTE Micro, or LTE Nano requirements, this SIM card can also be refilled and reused, especially if you regularly travel across the border and need the extra data.

If you need talk time, Telcel also makes these varieties of SIM card available with 1.5 GB of data and 250 Anywhere Minutes. The LTE data lasts for 15 days from your arrival in Mexico while your minutes are good for calls placed to Mexico, the US, or Canada for 60 days. These SIM cards are very easy to use, require minimal installation, and will give you the freedom to accept and place calls and use your data plan while enjoying your stay in Mexico.

But if you’re looking for an alternative to standard phone plans, Simple Mobile has a solution that may work for you. Simple Mobile provides a 1GB SIM card that includes Unlimited Talk and Text on their $40 plan, allowing full use of the T-Mobile data network while also providing unlimited text internationally, so you can still keep in touch with friends and family even when overseas.

SIM cards of all types allow for convenience in travel and convenience in cell service, without being bound to a contract or recurring charge. This selection of SIM cards will fit most phones, is easy to install, and makes traveling and phone use so much easier.