Nowadays, your smartphone is used not only as a means of communication but also as a way to capture pictures and videos, store and play songs and view movies. Given the limited memory of smartphones these days, it’s essential to always carry extra memory with you so you can continue to capture the best moments that life has to offer anytime you need to. One way to ensure that you don’t run out of memory is to get a 1GB micro SD card 10 pack.

With this product, you’ll not only automatically have 10 GB of memory but will also be able to save on your purchase. This is because sellers often offer discounts and additional perks when you purchase 1GB micro SD card 10 pack than if you would buy them individually.

One example is the BoBoTECHNIC Bundle that you can find online. A 10-pack purchase of SanDisk 1 GB Class 2 Micro SD flash memory card is not only heavily discounted but also comes with a BoboTECHNIC Micro SDHC USB 2.0 card reader/writer. Each micro SD card also comes with a protective plastic zipper bags for easy storage.

If you don’t need that many cards but want more memory in each, you can still buy bundle packages of three or six micro SD cards and still get perks and discounts. You can get three mixed brands 2 GB micro SD cards and one SD card reader or six mixed brands 2 GB micro SD cards and two SD card readers. With these deals, you’ll be able to save substantially.

Now, you don’t have to delete pictures or videos from your smartphone just to accommodate new ones. You can keep them forever with a 1GB micro SD card 10 pack that you can easily buy online. With an SD card reader for each bulk purchase, you also get the added benefit of easy transferability of your data.