Apple is known for making some of the best products in the tech world. Devices such as the iPhone, the iPod, and the iPad have made Apple one of the most successful developers of mobile devices in the world. Millions of people currently own an iPhone, but the expensive price of the high-end smartphone can make it hard for middle class families to afford. However, Apple also creates other devices that are more affordable and equally as groundbreaking.

The 1gb iPod Shuffle 3rd Gen is a great mp3 player. This device is cheap, but it’s also a high quality product that works exactly as it promises. Since it’s an Apple made product, the iPod shuffle 3rd generation is made with the highest standards possible. This device is compact and easily maneuverable. The iPod shuffle is also available in many different colors. Another great thing about the iPod Shuffle is that it’s wearable from the moment you open its box. You can clip this mp3 player to your belt, sleeve, or collar.

The iPod shuffle 3rd generation was intended to be a music lover’s favorite device. 1 gigabyte is a very large amount of space when considering most songs are only a few MBs large. The iPod shuffle also allows users to create playlists and edit the names of their favorite songs. The 3rd generation iPod shuffle also comes with headphones that are able to control the device via a built-in remote control.

Since the iPod shuffle 3rd generation has been out for a while, customers can purchase this item for a bargain price. Anyone who listens to music often should definitely purchase this high quality product. Cell phones and other large mp3 players can often get in the way during intense gym workouts. But, the iPod shuffle 3rd generation is sleek enough to fit in a pocket without causing tangles or mishaps. This device would be a great Christmas present for athletes and people who are highly active.