Memory and storage space for computers has gotten so small that massive amounts of data can be stored in amazingly compact sizes. It was once thought that no more than half a GigaByte would ever be needed by a single computer, but now standard hard drives are approaching 1 Terabyte, which is a thousand times larger than 1GB. The continuous improvements of data storage technology have allowed for smaller and smaller drives with more and more capacity. Flash memory is some of the most compact and versatile available on the market, and 1GB flash drives for under $2 are plentiful online.

The LHN 1GB Swivel USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 Memory Stick is one of the best examples of a 1GB flash drive under $2. The swivel enclosure protects your data when not in use, and a USB 2.0 interface guarantees quick connections and fast exchange rates. The device is exceptionally tiny with a folded length of 5.5cm, a width of 2.0cm, and a depth of 1.0cm. The plastic shell fits easily in your pocket, and the drive works with PC or Mac.

Those who prefer a hint of elegance in their devices would be well suited with the Litop 1GB Silver Color Metal Car Key USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 Memory Disk. The fashionable stainless steel design comes in both gold or silver varieties and can easily slip into your pocket or hang from a lanyard thanks to the integrated hook. The device is compatible with Linux, Mac, and PC systems, and the quick read/write speeds deliver durable storage.

Yet another swivel style flash drive is the 1GB Silver USB 2.0 Flash Drive by E-MART. This sleek metallic body is protected by a rotating sleeve that covers the USB 2.0 connector when inactive. Plug and play functionality means that no additional software is required before use.

Data storage has gotten so affordable that the market is flooded with 1GB flash drives for under $2. Whether you need to secure important files or move data from one computer to another quickly and easily you’ll be able to find a suitable flash drive from the selection available.