Flash drives are a great way to carry your important documents with you wherever you go. Especially for students and on-the-go professionals, they provide access even when you can’t get online. Cheap bulk packs make it easy to make multiple backups or keep your files organized by subject or project.

These flash drives are also excellent when it comes to sharing data and presenting projects. It’s easy to pick up a 1 GB flash drive bulk pack and hand them out to everyone. This method is more professional than sending an email attachment, and it gives your audience something physical to take back with them.

The MECO 10Pcs 1GB 1G USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick Fold Storage Thumb Stick Pen Swivel Design is available in several different colors to match your personality or company logo, including purple, blue, black, green and orange. They’re inexpensive at less than $3 each, which makes them cheaper than other project presentation tools. This 1 GB flash drive bulk pack works in all kinds of computers and portable electronic devices, and it plugs and plays with no drivers needed.

If you want multiple colors, try the 20 1GB Flash Drive — Five Color Holiday Pack — USB 2.0 Swivel Design in Five Color Variety Pack. The pack includes 20 flash drives, four each in red, yellow, green, blue and white. They’re made from high-grade components, which means that they’ll last. This pack is a great choice if you’re getting something to print a company logo on as a holiday gift for clients or recognition for employees.

Since they’re so inexpensive, these 1 GB flash drive bulk packs can give your project the professional finishing touch that it needs. They’re also great for staying organized, backing up your important documents, and making sure you have the files you need wherever you go.