Computers, tablets and smart phones allow people to send and receive all types of information. These devices can also be used to download music and videos from the Internet. The ability to access and share information is enhanced by the ability to use portable flash drives to store or transfer your files. If you like sharing your data files with multiple devices you will like the 1gb flash drive 20pc set.

KEXIN offers you a 20 piece lot of swivel case flash drives. The design of this product has the drive enclosed in a durable plastic case with an outer metal cover created to swivel. The swivel function allows the metal cover to be moved from front to back, which exposes the head of the drive. Moving it from back to front allows the metal to protect the head by covering it. KEXIN has this item available in black with your choice of black or silver swivel covers.

Meco offers you the same type of 1gb flash drive 20pc lot in your choice of colors. Their color selection includes bright orange, lime green, gray, blue, purple, yellow, red, white and black. These 1GB drives are the ideal products to use for charity events. Purchasing the items in bulk allows you to save money on the cost per item, so you can even use them for fundraisers.

If you are interested in using the flash drives as promotional items, you might like the case design available from JUANW. Instead of the swivel cover, their 1GB flash drives have a standard cap cover. The small end of the case pulls off to reveal the drive’s head. The body is made of smooth plastic, which makes this item perfect for imprinting. These products are compatible with 2.0 USB ports and are available in your choice of blue, green, yellow, pink or purple.

USB flash drives can be used with a variety of devices, including Blu-ray players and TVs. If you enjoy downloading video, game or music files from the Internet, the 1gb flash drive 20pc set will make sure you always have space available for storing them.