Virtually everyone uses a computer. Regardless of if it is for work, pleasure or school, the use of computers makes up a large portion of many peoples days. In order to achieve superior performance from a computer, there are certain factors that have to be considered. One of these is the memory and RAM. If the memory is not sufficient for the use of the computer, you may find there are serious issues with performance, speed and reliability of the entire machine. This is why upgrading the memory that is present is such a popular occurrence.

It is important to keep in mind, if you are interested in purchasing a 1gb DDR400 DIMM CL3 for a price that is affordable, it will only be compatible with certain models of computers. This means you need to determine ahead of time whether or not it is compatible with yours. In most cases, the additional RAM that is purchased, is done so to upgrade and older or outdated system. This means if you have an older system that you love, but simply have to have better performance, then purchasing the 1gb DDR400 DIMM CL3 for a price that makes sense is essential.

Be sure to consider the size of the memory that is being purchased since it has to fit into the computer and attach to the motherboard. In many cases, the installation of the component will be simple, in other cases, when lower quality products are purchased, it may be more involved. Be sure to figure out what the installation process is prior to buying the component. This will minimize the need to purchase another component down the road. The most important factor to remember is whether or not the particular component is going to work with your machine, so be sure to check and double check this factor.