Computers have become such a part of daily life that many people are familiar with the terms gigabyte and RAM. However, AGP is a term that gamers tend to be the most familiar with. AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port and is a point-to-point channel offering high-speed connection for a video card in a computer system. Many gamers enjoy upgrading their system with a 1GB AGP 8X video card to accelerate 3D computer graphics and improve the visuals on their gaming experience.

In order to install a 1GB AGP 8X video card your computer must have an AGP 8X slot available. Often this will require removal of the header plate to remove an existing component like the Apple Mac G4 ATI Radeon 7000 64MB DDR AGP 4x/2x Video Graphics Card if you want a bit faster speed, although the Mac G4 ATI Radeon offers a stellar graphics experience.
It’s very important to ensure that any 1GB AGP 8X video card you purchase is compatible with your system. For example, video cards designs for use with Mac systems are not likely to work in a Windows based gaming system. EVGA is one well regarded company that ensures their cards are new, authentic and fully functional.
You will also need to have an active connection to the internet when installing a new 1GB AGP 8X video card in your computer. This is because you need the compatible device driver to ensure full functionality and acceleration of your 3D graphic experience. You don’t want to replace a perfectly good NVIDIA GeForce FX5500 256 MB DDR AGP video card only to find your connection is down and you can’t get a new driver.
Choosing from well-respected computer parts providers and systems like NVIDIA and Radeon graphics cards means solid performance. No matter which AGP video card you choose, adding better graphics capability to your computer will enhance your gaming experience and visual pleasure.