When you have an older PC that you just aren’t willing to part with yet, there are going to things that you need to replace in order to keep it running smoothly. One of the common items that need replaced is the graphics card. If your video is choppy, your flash player crashes repeatedly, or you can’t seem to load certain graphics at all, the problem may be as easy to fix as swapping out your existing one with a 1GB 2 port low profile graphics card.

This type of card includes two ports, which means it will work with setups with two monitors without sacrificing performance. One option is the Nvidia GeForce 9500GT Pci Express 16X 1 GB DDR2 @Port Dvi HDtv Low Profile card. With two ports and the low-profile design that includes the fan on top of the heat sink, you will easily be able to put this option in most computers.

Another great option is the Nvidia Quadro K600 1 GB Ddr3 Pcie 2.0 x 16 Low Profile Dvi Displayport Graphics Card. This 1GB 2 port low profile graphics card includes everything you need to have your computer up and running again in no time. In addition to the card, which also includes the cooling fan, you’ll receive the adapters you need for hooking up the inputs so that both of your monitors work as you need them to. With its plug and play design, all you’ll have to do is install the device and you will no longer have to deal with poor or nonexistent video playback due to an old or nonworking card.

If you are ready to restore your computer’s graphics capabilities, adding a 1GB 2 port low profile graphics card will give you the power and ports that you need, even if you are running two monitors.