The micro USB cord is what you use to charge your cellphone. It is called micro, due to the smaller size compared to the traditional USB connection. However, the issue arises when you need to connect your phone to your computer, speakers or other device. These will typically use the standard USB connection port. This means you need to find a way to have a micro USB connect to a traditional USB port. This is when you need 1ft micro USB to USB cables.

One of the first things you need to consider is the type of micro USB port your device has. This can vary from device to device, so figuring out what size it is ahead of time will ensure you purchase the right size. The actual USB connector is universal, which means you will not have to worry about this size since it will be the same on every 1ft micro USB to USB cables that you find for sale.

What the cord is made of is another consideration. This will determine how durable the cable actually is. While there are some quality coatings available, one of the newest options is Kevlar fiber. Cables that feature this will likely be a bit more costly, but you can feel confident that it will be extremely difficult to damage this cord.

A thicker gauge wiring will also help to reduce current resistance, which provides faster charging or syncing. If possible, get the cable that has the thickest gauge, which will provide superior performance in regard to charging or syncing your device. There are some cords that are also offered with a warranty. This means the manufacturer is standing behind their product and will provide a repair or replacement if damage or issues do arise with the 1ft micro USB to USB cables purchased.