A length of 1 foot may not seem enough, but length is not often a priority where iPad chargers are concerned. Most of the time, it is the performance that matters more. This is exactly what you will get with the 1ft iPad chargers. Besides, 1 feet is a range of anywhere between 1 and 1.8 feet.

With just a short wire to deal with, clutter and tangle would be avoided. 1 foot still allows you to access your iPad and all its features, even when it is plugged to the wall outlet or to your computer. In choosing an item, make sure it is Apple certified.

iPad chargers come in many brands, and the market is flooded with them. To ensure that the item you purchase would work with your device, see that it comes with Apple certification. This indicates that the charger is compatible with most Apple products that have relevant ports.

The RND Apple Certified Lightning to USB 1.5FT Cable is compatible with the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini. It will also work with the latest models of iPhones, starting with the iPhone 5, the iPod ad the Siri Remote Data Sync and Charge 8-Pin Cable. The cable is slim and flexible, and designed to keep wires from getting tangled. Made of copper shielding, nickel plated connectors and plastic of the highest quality, you are assured of a reliable product.
Most importantly, it is certified by Apple, complete with an Authentication Chip that is part of the company’s MFi program. This guarantees safe connection and compatibility with all iOS updates.

1ft iPad chargers are cheap yet still works as expected. If you would rather not deal with long cables, and spend a lot on chargers alone, get these products online. Don’t let your iPad run out of juice and interrupt your fun and entertainment.