When stashing Apple cable and accessories in your bag, chances are the contents get banged around and the cable gets worn out, eventually malfunctioning. No need to spend a lot on getting a replacement for your iPad cable. Browse our wide selection of 1ft 30 pin iPad cable from reputable merchandisers online for a sturdy and reliable replacement for your iPad cable.

You will find brand new 1ft 30 pin iPad cable in white from Ziotek, Cell Tech, Qable Powerz and Go Beyong. Ziotek offers white 30-pin connector to 3.5mm stereo audio plug compatible with iPad, iPod and iPhone models. You can use this to connect your Apple product directly to your home stereo or other audio equipment.

Go Beyond offers strong, heavy duty cable connector compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It lets you sync or transfer data to and from your Apple device and charges in high speed. The cable features thick, high quality nylon fiber cloth jacket surrounding the cord for added safety and durability. With Go Beyond, you have the option to purchase the 1ft cable with charger, selfie stick, LED light bulb or power bank. Cell Tech and Qable Powerz, on the other hand, produce high quality 30 pin to 8 pin cable adapters which you can use to charge and sync your iPad. They come in sets of 2 and black color.

If you’re looking for longer cable connectors for your iPad, you can check out the 30 pin cables of FlePow, Ace Power, iXCC, iSmooth, EzoPower, Aduro, Beam Electronics and Amazon Basics. You will find brand new reliable cable substitutes in 3.3 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and 10 feet available in white and black.

Get an inexpensive way to get a replacement for your iPad cable with 1ft 30 pin iPad cable that assures long term reliability for your Apple product.