We live in an increasingly technical world, and more and more of us have fairly complex electronic devices in our homes. Whether you’re setting up a home office, a recording studio, or an extensive home network, you may need dedicated IT cabinets to organize and protect your electronic equipment. Fortunately, high-quality 19 inch rack enclosures can be had for surprisingly affordable prices.

How 19 Inch Rack Enclosures work

Commercial-grade electronics components (e.g. servers, modems, etc.) have been standardized for decades to fit in very regular dimensions. The vast majority of them are 19 inches wide and have flanges designed to mount on an appropriately-sized rail. A free-standing or wall-mounted rack with the right fittings to mount such equipment is typically called a server rack or server enclosure.

For home use, your best bet is to use smaller all-in-one enclosures that are designed to keep a few components operating smoothly. The best of them feature integrated cooling fans, and many have locking doors to restrict access to the equipment inside.

Selected Enclosures For Home Use

NavePoint’s 6U Deluxe IT Wallmount Cabinet Enclosure is a great example of a unit that works perfectly as a standalone rack in the home. It has dual integrated fans for cooling and it’s well vented on all sides. The biggest bonus with this particular rack is that you can remove the side panels as well as the front to make your equipment more accessible. The glass front door has a robust lock to keep your equipment safe.

The 6U 19-Inch Wall Mount Server Rack Cabinet by StarTech is a more commercial option. It works well when combined with other modular enclosures, but it also makes a capable standalone unit. The acrylic see-through door is lockable for security, and cooling is provided by a single large (120mm) fan.

Once your home network gets advanced enough to require commercial-style 19 inch rackable equipment, it makes a great deal of sense to invest in proper enclosures. When you keep your gear racked properly, it works better and lasts longer. A commercial-grade enclosure even makes it easier to change your electronic connections on the fly. Enclosures like the ones described above are well worth what you pay for them.