Sturdy laptop backpacks are a great way for people to store essential electronic devices and get around any work environment easily. They come in handy for people who spend a lot of time taking the train, the subway, or navigating around congested airports. A typical laptop backpack features a secure compartment with extra padding to protect the laptop itself. It also boasts additional storage space for a planner, a notebook, books, pens, and other personal devices. A good backpack has sturdy straps, such as the Alienware 18-inch Vindicator Backpack, that relieve the pressure of the bag’s weight on the wearer’s neck, back, and shoulders. Some backpacks offer more security features such as heavy zippers and clasps or hooks to which it’s easy to affix a small combination lock.

Creative Storage Options
Some backpacks like the Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack with Gaming Console Sleeve are also convenient for transporting additional devices, a change of clothes, and even a neck pillow for busy travelers. Smaller pockets are ideal for storing a laser mouse, a cell phone, a collection of games, magazines, headphones, and even a portable battery pack. Tiny pockets with zippers make it easy to keep track of USB chargers and valuables. Some backpacks even have eternal netted pouches for carrying a bottled drink.

Accommodating Larger Laptop Computers
While many laptops and mini-notebook computers are smaller these days, some computer lovers still prefer an 18-inch laptop. This larger size provides a better viewing area and a more comfortable keyboard. The larger device calls for a backpack with a longer and wider internal compartments with cushions or supports, which helps to reduce the impact on the laptop if the backpack is dropped or banged against a hard object. The Slappa Kampus 18-Inch Backpack for Laptop has sturdy straps and Velcro flaps and additional outside pockets to provide for storage of more than just a large notebook or laptop.