For any busy and active professional on the move, life is easier when one has a handy electronic device that can perform more functions than a smartphone but easier to carry without the physical strain of carrying a heavier electronic device like laptop. A 18 GB tablet is your excellent partner in staying connected and getting some work done when on the go. It is thinner and lightweight, has versatile functions, and less cumbersome to set up and keep away.

You will find a wide array of 16 to 18 GB tablet online in varying screen sizes, features and colors from various trusted retailers and independent vendors. If you’re looking for a small-screen display, you can look for the 7-inch 16 GB tablets from Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Pronto Tec, Omgar, iRulu, and many more. There are Asus 16 GB android tablets with dual-core processor while others are run by quad core CPU processor.

If you’re looking for a larger screen display, you can check out the 8 to 9-inch 16 GB tablets from Samsung, Dragon Touch, and iRulu. Samsung Galaxy Tab 16 GB feature dual-core processors, video recording, and a 3.15MP camera with LED flash. It also comes equipped with wifi access and optional AT&T 4G LTE service. Dragon Touch 16 GB tablet also includes applications perfect for surfing, watching movies or reading eBooks. For an even larger display, you can opt for the 10-inch tablets from Lenovo, Asus, Fusion5, and Infiland. With the larger screen display, you can enjoy more of watching that hot TV season finale or listening to your favorite music -all without being chained to your computer or home theater.

Get the power and performance you need for everyday tasks at your fingertips with 18 GB tablet for your browsing, entertainment and productivity applications when on the go. Browse our pages to discover more selection of tablet from different brands with varying capacity.