Sometimes we need special envelopes to send oddly-sized papers through the mail. When it is necessary to send out long business paper contracts, posters and artwork a 17 x 21 inch envelope is the right choice. From business communication to private mail, there are a few different styles of these larger envelopes to choose from.

A busy office or gallery that wants to cut down on their environmental impact can try out JAM Paper Recycled Photo Mailer Envelopes. These envelopes are made from one hundred percent recycled material. Plus, the stiff paper provides some protection for the contents against bending during transit.

When looking for the best deal on the most envelopes, try a case of 50 envelopes from Stay-Flat. These tab locking envelopes are reusable if you like to use them as impromptu document files. Add a little extra tape and postage to send them out in the mail. These are also made of heavy board paper to keep documents from bending in transit.

The office should keep a range of envelope sizes on hand. This way you can always use the best envelope for the purpose. For instance, Scotch 3M Bubble Mailers are a good choice if sending something fragile, such as a glass framed picture. These envelopes are lined with bubble wrap to protect their contents from drops and other impact damages.

Mail is not completely out-of-date these days. If you run any kind of business, you will eventually need some large size 17 x 21 envelopes. They are able to hold contracts, smaller posters, art prints and more. Of course, there are other types of envelopes to keep on hand for different size documents or items that need a little more protection. A home office or business well-stocked with envelopes helps to save some time when making out correspondence.