The entire purpose of a 17-inch laptop bag by Samsonite is to easily move your laptop from place to place, without causing damage. While a messenger back can work for this purpose, they do not offer the protection that an actual laptop bag will. There are a number of options to choose from, including hard-shell, rolling options to simple padded totes. Regardless of what options you choose, you will quickly discover a quality laptop bag will make taking your device from place to place much easier.

One of the first things to consider when shopping for a laptop bag is the size. Laptops are offered in an array of sizes, which means you need to ensure they will fit in the 17-inch laptop bag by Samsonite you choose. Select a bag that is, at least, as large as the computer to ensure ample space is present.

The amount of protection a bag provides is another important consideration. The majority of modern laptop bags are designed to protect the device inside from scratches, minor bumps, water and dirt. Bags with soft sides typically have a bit more padding for the computer, as well as a compartment that is semi-rigid to provide a secure hold for the device.

The style of the laptop bags available also varies significantly. Modern laptop bags are specifically designed to look and perform like any other bag. There are some that function just like a briefcase, messenger bag, backpack, suitcase and tote bag. If you are comfortable with simply grabbing your bag and going, then the briefcase or tote style will be ideal. Backpack and messenger style laptop bags are perfect for bike commuters and students because they are a completely hands-free option and offer additional space for accessories, textbooks and other necessities that are needed during the day.