The idea behind any case for a laptop is to protect it while carrying it from place to place. It should also be able to carry any accessories that the laptop has and that you may need while using it. When looking for a 17-inch blue laptop case, consider the following features to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

One of the first things to consider is if the laptop will fit into the case. The 17-inch blue laptop case will hold laptops that are smaller than 17 inches. You also need to make sure the case will zip securely once it is inside. While it may seem like a hard laptop case would provide more protection, a soft case will hold the laptop more securely. If it is placed in a hard case, it will jostle inside and may cause damage.

Also, look to see if the case has enough pouches for all the other items you will need to take while you are on the go. You need to make sure there are pouches for storing manuals, discs, office supplies, accessories, receipts, Altoids and any other items you will need to carry along with you. Inside the case, there should be two large, separate areas. This will let you put the actual laptop on one side and computer accessories, notepads and paper in the other.

The closure method of the case is also important. Zippers are a better option than latches, buckles or snaps. Be sure that the zipper is not too snug that it will cause damage to the laptop. Try to find a “touchless” or Velcro style of zipper. The way the bag is transported is also important to think about. Find one with short and long handles for either hand or shoulder carrying.