Compact enough to easily take on the go, yet versatile and functional to run numerous demanding applications all at once; a 16gb ram laptop 14 is the best tool for any type of serious work or play regardless of if you are at home or on the go. While the standalone smartphones and tablets are still popular, they are limited in regards to the features they offer. When it comes to research, gaming and other processes, nothing works quite as well as a quality laptop.

There are quite a few options in the world of computers, which can make selecting the right 16gb ram laptop 14 quite a challenge.
Choosing the operating system is the first decision you should make. The main options are a Mac or PC. Each has pros and cons and in many cases, this decision is based on personal preferences. You also need to consider the ergonomics of the laptop. If you will be doing quite a bit of work on the laptop, then you need to be sure the keyboard offers tactile feedback, enough vertical travel (usually one to two millimeters) and enough space in between the keys.

An accurate touchpad is another important consideration. You need to make sure it will not be jumpy and respond consistently. If you are purchasing a laptop for business purposes, think about selecting one with a pointing stick located between the “G” and “H” keys. This allows you to navigate on the screen without having to remove your fingers from the home row of keys.

Other features to consider include the amount of storage the laptop offers, as well as if the screen is a touchscreen. These features can drive the cost of the device up, but are necessary to create the user experience you want and need.